Medicine of Extreme Situations
Scientific and Practical reviewed Journal
of FMBA of Russia

included in the list of HAC

Requirements for the materials provided for the publication in the journal «Medicine extreme situations»

Articles submitted for publication in the journal should meet certain requirements!

The material has to be accompanied by a formal referral from the institution (organization) in which the work was done and to have the visa of the research supervisor and the conclusion about absence of information disclosing state or official secret.

All provided materials must contain

1. Full name of the authors.

2. Name of the article.

3. The name and location of the institution (organization) are obligatory for all the authors. Name of the institution (organization) must correspond with the name specified in the Charter of the institution (organization).

4. Full name of the authors in English.

5. Title of the article in English.

6. The name and location of the institution (organization) in English are obligatory for all the authors. Name of the institution (organization) must correspond with the name specified in the Charter of the institution (organization).

7. Keywords in Russian.

8. Keywords in English.

9. Short abstract (5-7) sentences in Russian

10. A brief summary in English

11. Article text with subtitles.

12. The list of sources.

Submissions should be typed in text editor Microsoft Word with half interval font Times New Roman. It is desirable that the volume of the article (including figures, tables and references) does not exceed 20 standard typewritten pages (font size — 12).

Tables are numbered (if more than one table) and are accompanied by captions. Figures are numbered (if more than one drawing) and are accompanied by captions. In the text in parentheses should be references to the relevant tables and figures.

Graphics are provided as separate files with appropriate names. Allowed to insert all the pictures in the file Microsoft Word. The minimum resolution of raster images is 250 dpi.

Materials should be provided in electronic form (sent by email or transmitted on an electronic media).

Only standard reductions and abbreviations are allowed without interpretation. In other cases when mentioned for the first time the full name of the term should be given and in brackets the reduced one (abbreviation). Further in the text it is possible to use an abbreviation.

Requirements for the literature

The text in square brackets should be a reference to the serial number of the source is given in the reference list.

The list of sources should be provided at the end of the article in the following order: at first place works in Russian in alphabetical order (including works of one author), then the works in foreign languages. The printed and electronic resources should be placed in general order without removal them at the end of the list of references.

The description of the separate edition (necessary dividing signs are given)

The heading (name, initials of the author /authors).

The title shown on the cover page: Details relating to the title (open type, genre, the purpose of the document, for example: Manual.; Method. instruction.; Materials of the conference; Abstract of Dissertation. ... Dr. of Med. Sciences; and others) / Statement of responsibility (information about compilers, editors, translators, organizations, on behalf of which the document is published).

City of publication: Publisher or publishing organization (optional), year of publication.

If the authors of one to four, shall include all authors, if more than four or three authors are listed, and then put «et al.»

The description of the article

Author/authors. The title of article // Title of the journal (no cuts). The year. The number. The range of pages.

For example: J.I. Cohen The Biology of Epstein-Barr virus: lessons learned from the virus and the host // Current Opinion in Immunology. 1999. № 11. P. 365-370.

Description of the electronic resource

Author/authors (if available). The title of the article (document) // name of the resource [type of resource].

Date of publication on the website (if available).

URL: the address bar (important: you should specify the address bar that opens the document (the object of the reference, not the entire website)

(Date of access).

For example: Recommendations of the European society of cardiology for the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral artery disease // the Russian society of cardiologists [Official website].


References to unpublished works, including abstracts and dissertations are not permitted.

At the end of the article full name of the author must be specified with whom (with the consent of the other authors) editorial staff, if necessary, may be contacted:

• place of work;
• position;
• academic degree and rank;
phones: office, mobile;
• e-mail;
• address (with postcode) — to send manuscripts the journal.

Materials in electronic form should be sent to e-mail:

Phone: +7 (915) 205-95-44